Saturday, April 23, 2011

Source code

I will start uploading code along with my tutorials, the files will be uploaded on dropbox. You will find download link at the beginning  and end of tutorials. Why? Because I will offer both the start and finished version of tutorials.

 The start versions will contain things that are not related to that tutorial but you have to make them anyway. Things that are covered by the backrefences. Because of this it should be easier and faster to understand each tutorial. Each backrefence will have its own region inside the code so you can see them easier. Another thing to note is that most backreference code will be in a file called Game1Backreferences.cs. I will call the functions from this file in the game methods. To make this as simple as possible I will change the type of the game class to partial class so I will have the same class in both files.

The naming convention of my projects will be something like this: ILS[TutorialName]Start for the projects that you should start from and ILS[TutorialName]End for the finished version of the tutorials. ILS stands from I Love Shaders and [TutorialName] will be the name (or something similar to it) of the tutorial. I will not upload any compiled sources, only source code that you can modify as you wish.

I will not comment my source code. Why? Because it takes a lot of time to put good comments, I'm writing tutorials where you can read what everything does anyway. And besides, I find that comments for such short pieces of code only makes is useless. But if I have a lot of requests to comment a certain piece of code I will do so and then reupload it.

Can you use my code? These are tutorials where I explain how you can do them yourself. Of course you can use the code if you wish. If you want to give credit (a link to this blog is enough) I will be very grateful for it.

I hope this helps!

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