Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Blog

Hi there,

 First of all I'd like to say I'm really glad you are reading this! This is my first blog and I hope to make it a wonderful place for people to visit and find useful information (about shaders and related topics).

 Who am I? Well I'm just a little student that likes graphics programming and wants to help out people that just started or want to begin learning this field of programming. If you are wondering I'm a third year student at a four year university and have taught some students XNA and a few things about shader programming. Oh and btw my name is Adrian (almost forgot to say that), what's yours? Really? Nice to meet you!

 This blog started because one of the students that learned XNA from me went to study abroad for the second semester and he was rather displeased that he would miss the second semester when we would write code for the graphics card. So I asked him if he would like me to write some online tutorials to cover what he will miss and he said he'd really appreciate it. So here I am, 7 weeks late... hoping I'll be able to do something useful for a change.

 About the post here, there will be 5 types of them: personal, reference, theory, tutorial and update. Personal will be posts like this one, where I write a lot of boring and useless stuff, you can just skip the ones marked personal, but I'll try to add a few jokes in them for those that still read posts tagged as personal. Reference post won't make much (from a novelists point of view) sense, they will contain information about API functions, what parameters to give them and other general knowledge. Theory post will be posts that talk about frameworks, how things work and happen, but they will not go into implementation details. Tutorial post will be guides of how to do different stuff. Now, I don't want to write long post, not because I'm lazy (I'm not saying I'm not lazy, just that it doesn't matter here) but because I want it to be easy for someone to find what they are looking for. Most post will have a back reference (a link to an older post). For example when we will talk about shadow maps I'll make a back reference to projective texturing. Why do this? I'll just write the projective texturing tutorial once and make a reference to it in every tutorial that requires you to know it. Why do this? It's simple, if you already know how to do it you will just read the shadow mapping tutorial, but if you don't you can read that tutorial first. The last kind of posts, the update ones, are to announce that I have EDITED an older post. You may be wondering why do this instead of making a new post altogether. This can be helpful when I make a mistake and need to correct something or when I want to update a post when a new SDK version comes out. These types will be tags for my posts, but they won't be the only ones. Another tag will tell you the technology it is intended for: Direct3D, XNA, HLSL and maybe later (a lot later) some DirectCompute, OpenGL and GLSL. I'm separating the shaders from the API because I'll try to make the tutorials as atomic as possible. With these things in mind I hope you have a good day and if you have any feedback for me just leave it in the comments section.

  I really appreciate you taking your time to read what I'm writing and I hope it will help you with your own work.

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