Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moving files to dropbox

Wiki upload is just ridiculous! After only a few days of no activity they remove the files, it's okay if you want to upload something at home and download it at work or for big files, but it's useless for what i need! I need to have files uploaded to a server, ready for download any time for unlimited time. That's why I'm moving all my files to dropbox! It's easy to use, I just have a folder on my computer where I copy the files I want, and BAM! they're online. I'm limited to 2 Gigs at the moment but I don't need that much and they will be there as long as I need them to be (as long as this blog exists). I've updated the source code post with this info too.

Also if you want to use dropbox too and would like to help me increase the 2GB limit please create an account using this link, I will get 250MB more space for each person (limit 8GB) and they say you will get 250MB too, thank you.

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